Classical Education with an Orthodox Christian Foundation

St. Constantine School of Lehigh Valley


St. Constantine School

St. Constantine School is an Orthodox private school providing a classical, Christian education for students based in Bethlehem, PA. Offering grades 1-5, time in the classroom goes beyond traditional studies and learning.

Students grow in beauty, truth, and goodness.

What is a Classical Education?

To the classical mind, all knowledge is interrelated. Unlike many traditional school settings, St. Constantine School of Lehigh Valley provides a rigorous Classical Education curriculum supporting the ongoing conversation of great minds down through the ages. Students thrive on three Essential Principles of Beauty, Truth, and Goodness.


The mind and soul of each child is formed through immersion in Beauty – as a foundation to pointing to Truth and Goodness. The Beautiful is heard in the music of the great composers, recited in the words of the poets, and seen in the natural world. As Beauty awakens wonder, it leads naturally to students pursuing Truth.


Knowing and being able to recognize truth allows the mind to be brought into accord with what is real. The building blocks of learning are set when students are presented with the basics of language, stories of history and literature, descriptions of plants and animals and the human body, the facts of mathematics, and so much more. In this pursuit, the student discovers Goodness, the perfection of purpose in each person and thing.


Students of all faith traditions are welcome. The combination of Classical education and St. Constantine’s Orthodox Christian foundation, brings students a daily experience of how their life will be impactful and meaningful to the world around them.

A Message From Our Headmaster

Dear Lehigh Valley Community,

I am blessed and excited to introduce you to the St. Constantine School of Lehigh Valley. The St. Constantine School will inspire students to think deeply about the world around them, to contemplate the ideas and images of God’s created order, and to pursue intellectual and spiritual excellence in a community of learners and friends. The school will be distinctly Classical and Orthodox, moving students to an understanding of their faith, their traditions, and most importantly, themselves.

I invite you to come and explore what St. Constantine School can offer you and your students. I am honored to be serving you and our community and hope to see you soon!

Mr. John Heitzenrater, II A.B., M.H.M.


The St. Constantine School of Lehigh Valley is a project of the Lehigh Valley Orthodox Clergy Brotherhood. The school’s board is comprised of lay and clergy members from the eight Orthodox Christian parishes located in the Valley.

Dr. Cyril JenkinsPresident

Executive Committee:

  • Fr. Alexandros PetridesChairman
  • Salma ZaoudehVice President
  • Dn. Patrick MaherTreasurer
  • Dr. Nicholas TataliasSecretary
  • Walter Milinichik
  • Dr. Cyril Jenkins

Serving The Lehigh Valley


Conveniently Located off of Bridle Path Road in Bethlehem, moments from Route 22 and Route 191/Center Street, the school is able to serve the entire Lehigh Valley community. The extensive 40+ acre campus is shared with the St. Francis Center for Renewal.

Holy Tradition

Orthodox Christianity, Faith, good works and the presence of the Divine are not just a class, or a box to be checked, but are best woven into the fabric of daily life. Students participate and eventually take the lead in daily prayer and moments of silence and contemplation, as well as the celebration of the Divine Liturgy on feast days of the Church.

In Person Learning

St. Constantine School of Lehigh Valley is committed to upholding in-person learning with the best safety and health practices in place. Through partnership with the Bethlehem Health Bureau, St. Constantine abides by all CDC, state, and local COVID-19 safety recommendations, and only enrolls class sizes safely able to be welcomed for full in-person education.